Friday, 22 May 2020


The lurid cartoon handprint is now covered up, much to my relief; it was necessary, but somehow vaguely irritating.  I have been enjoying using ressaut which is a new technique to me, but renders the image in exactly the way I want.

One of the ways in which my research has been impacted by the pandemic situation is that I realised that my vague notion of ‘displaying my artwork in a virtual landscape if I have time’ has a greater priority, and more urgency, than anticipated.  The second realisation, close on its heels, was that I lacked sufficient visual data to create said landscape (let alone the skills, software, and computer power).  In order to remedy at least the first lack, I headed off to Knowlton in Dorset - one of my chosen locations - with picnic, iPad and doglet (for scale 😆).  It was a stunning day; odd to be driving on a motorway again after two months, but delicious to travel through heath and woodland on my way to the site.  When I arrived, shock! horror! other people!  This was a slight deterrent to filming and photography, but reassuring that, subject to permission from English Heritage to exhibit, there is sufficient footfall of visitors to see the sculptures.

Holding my iPad (in video mode) in front of me I walked the perimeter, then the henge, ditch and plateau; ever decreasing circles and ever decreasing footwear - it seemed appropriate to walk barefoot and labyrinth style somehow.  I am sure people thought me most odd, but I was ready to claim ‘artistic immunity’ if challenged.

Real tea - standards must not be dropped!

I now have many photos and lots of video.  The next challenge is to work with it!  


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