Saturday, 24 May 2014

She Travels Fastest (Who Travels Alone)

London day on Thursday - herewith the abridged version:-

Chichester -> Victoria -> Temple (Somerset House: Violin showroom viewing, lunch, bookshop)

Temple -> Mansion House (Millennium Bridge, Tate Modern: Matisse Cutouts unbearably crowded so whizzed through, planning a return at a quieter time)

Mansion House -> Angel (Thunderstorm!! Yarn shop: yummy yarn and other accoutrements. Austrian Coffeehouse: Viennese iced coffee and Linzer Torte)

Angel -> Oxford Circus* (Liberty: Arts & Crafts exhibition, Tana Lawn and entomology pins. John Lewis: Lucienne Day fabric viewing, new lipstick)

Oxford Circus -> Leytonstone (Artefacto Tattoo Parlour: Private View of Eleanor Buffam's fine paintings)

Leytonstone -> Victoria -> Chichester

Friday's school session postponed again because of the weather, so an opportunity to process ideas and make plans for some new work. And laze about with strong tea after Thursday's epic.

I have also had my eyes tested for the first time since before I came to WD. I can no longer read labels on shampoo etc when I take them off. New glasses will not solve this particular problem (relabelling in colour co-ordinated Sharpie is the answer to that) but my current ones are so disreputable now, and the joints so loose that I suspect the -focal is more vari- than is optimal. New specs when I get back from a few days away.

* crowds reminded me of why I rarely go to Oxford Circus. I have become such a country bumpkin!

Location:Zones 1-4

Monday, 12 May 2014

From Holy Trinity to the Devil (or from chalice to punchbowl)

Yesterday, being a gloriously sunny and blustery day, after the Cathedral service I packed up a picnic, donned my 20+ year old Rohans and headed north to Hindhead and the Devil's Punchbowl. Trotted round the perimeter and down into the dip, doglet faithfully following or forging ahead when she felt fearless. Accidental alliteration! Picnic enroute - doglet shared my tuna bagel but not the apple. Tea break at the National Trust cafe - very good Dundee cake :-))

We then headed for the lesser known Waggoner's Wells (also NT), a run of man made lakes in a wooded valley. Beautiful in the afternoon sun, and a great 'find'. Some wonderful root formations just crying out for interventions.

The photo is the open edge of my sample book for the blue tapestry; we cut it off last week and have been sewing slits and finishing edges. We are trying the hanging system on Thursday in the auditorium. It is VERY heavy. I keep meaning to calculate its weight from the amount of yarn dyed and rolls of warp used. I have really enjoyed being a studio weaver on this project. Now to forge ahead with some of the ideas for my own work. I went back to the ruins and took proper photos to use in sketchbook work / planning. I may share them in due course, but there is an application I must complete first......

Location:Chichester and Hindhead

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