Friday, 23 March 2012

Is It Really Friday Already?

Tree in the Avenue at WD

I always feel that I am letting my readers down if I do not post an image - this was taken a while ago, but I rediscovered it recently.  It is crying out to be interpreted in felt and stitch.

Did the bulk of a small (7 x 7 cm) 'Seascape' this morning before heading off to WD to reclaim my FaD stuff and 'Curvaceous' who had indeed shrunk beautifully flat.  Perfected the art of removing a nail and flicking it straight into the storage box, helped by weird shuffle selection in my ears (e.g. Mahler segue into Stray Cats), followed by braiding the warp ends and packing it up to bring home.  A friend told me about another juried exhibition to enter for, so permitted my mind to wander over the theme and potential work - it is a small format show, so although entry date is April 15th, it is do-able.  It is a rare show with no entry fee!  I am setting up to be quite busy.....

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Sore Feet and Idle Hands

Today was ESU banquet day at Time Machine - we catered for 20+:-

Pea and (Funtington) Ham Soup, Freshly baked bread roll

South Downs Lamb stew with vegetables and new potatoes

Treacle tart, vanilla ice cream and clotted cream

Should not have worn boots with heels!!  Was out from 9.15 til 6, so rather too tired for weaving tonight, so enjoying a glass of chilled Pinot Grigio with my feet up, in the armchair, with the cat and dog wedged in the spaces either side.  Comfy.

My spy at WD (Diana) tells me that 'Curvaceous' has shrunk and dried beautifully; I am looking forward to seeing 'her' tomorrow when I go and collect the Fun a Day stuff.  Pulling out all those brass blocking nails will be fun, then all the other finishing tasks once home.  At some point I have to acquire (and bring home on the bus / train) a 6ft length of 2 x 1 batten.  What larks, Pip!

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Books, Blocking and Deep Thoughts(?)

They would, of course, be much better displayed as individual artefacts rather than on the table like this - and indeed will be in June.  The found objects will be woven into, using themes from their accompanying Haiku for the imagery.

Diana helped me nail out and start the blocking of 'Curvaceous'. About a gazillion brass nails, two wet sheets and a lot of 'primal patting' (like primal screaming, only quieter!).  We shall see how it looks on Friday.  Moving the loom and the temperature variation = slacker warp meant that she was 8cm wider at the base than at the top.  I know I seek to escape the tyranny of the rectangle, but this was a trapezium too far.  I may have to employ the steam iron.  I shall be a whole lot more careful with my warp tension next time (indeed, am being with the 'Identity' series).

I warped up the Ashford yesterday / this morning, and started weaving a sample of my weaver's mark for Identity (using my lovely blues).  We are all making an 8 x 8 cm piece with our personal mark on, which will be collaged and displayed at the exhibition.  I am also going to make some small landscapes and 'meditations' to sell.

Seeing the warp set me thinking: a new warp is like a first date, all the anticipation and excitement, all that potential, before the inevitable compromise or disappointment or rejection, and sometimes, just sometimes, something which lives up to or exceeds your vision and hope.

Enough thinking!  My tea has all gone and Deep Purple have finished; time to select another album and get back to the loom.  Something classical this time; the Mahler Resurrection Symphony perhaps.

Monday, 19 March 2012

The Weaver's Cat; 'Helping'

'We' are 7/8 of the way through sewing up the slits - not that we have been working at it constantly since the last post!  Friday and Saturday were spent finishing the books for Fun-a-Day. We hung the exhibition on Saturday evening, and the official 'launch' / drinks party is tomorrow at 5pm (WDeanies have assessments until then - oh the joy of NOT being assessed anymore, well, not in that way anyway) with take down on Saturday morning (=end of term).  I will try to remember to take my camera with me tomorrow....

What is surprising is the amount of my hair that is woven into the piece (that sounds vaguely creepy, but you know what I mean, I hope).  The intention is to take it to WD tomorrow and block it before and after the drinks party, leaving it to dry until Saturday, then bring it home to tie the warp ends, add the velcro etc.  Should keep me out of mischief.

I have postponed warping the Ashford until this is done, on the basis that delayed gratification is good for one.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Recipe for a Good Morning

More Woody Gorgeousness

Wake up to Radio 3 playing Polovtsian Dances.
Receive delivery of organic fruit & veg box.
Make strong tea and open all the windows to gain fresh air circulation (never mind the noise from the builders next door).
Rearrange work space and site found objects and yarns as pieces for contemplation (of potential interventions, not some weird cult behaviour!!).
Lay 'Curvaceous' on table, put fave album on iPod + speakers (70s Genesis) turning up loud-ish to drown noise of aforementioned builders, start sewing up any slits longer than 1cm.
Allowing the weaver's cat to sit on lap (until the point where she thinks she should sew too) also helps.  Break for cafĂ© mocha at noon.  Cat on lap with laptop, doglet curled up beside.

Look forward to drawing ( I want to do at least 5 today) and warping after a shopping trip into the city (to the nice supermarket for good meat).  More slit sewing.


Tuesday, 13 March 2012

The Weaver's Cat, the Weaver's Dog and the Weaver's Vintage Cushion

This is the closest they have got without me being there too (they like to share my lap; each half on and half off).

I went to the studio today to (temporarily) bring all my stuff home and roll up the scaffolding loom.  Time Machine is hosting a banquet for the English Speaking Union next week and the whole space is being rearranged at the same time.  When I 'reconvene', I shall be in the corner by a window instead of in the middle of the room.  Should be better light.

I shall be working at home for the next few days (as I have for the last few - being car-less) with a lot to keep me occupied; Fun a Day is being 'hung' at WD on Saturday, so I have to finish my drawings and assemble the book and select the best found objects to include; I have to weave my weaver's mark for 'Identity' and some small pieces to sell, also some small 3D pieces (like the one below) for an Outdoor Art event.  

First of all tomorrow I shall arrange my space (= take over the whole sitting room with weaving stuff), do some drawings and warp up the Ashford tapestry loom which is now at home.  I will be able to fit quite a lot on it, rather than working on separate frames.

I think all this means that E+E have returned.  Praise Be.

Monday, 12 March 2012

Lost, Stolen or Strayed..... energy and enthusiasm!  I am so behind on the 'Identity' series that I will be putting something else in the exhibition instead, probably 'Curvaceous'. Circumstances have been difficult GRIM, and I have not been able to rise above them in my usual Pollyanna way, which is rotten.  But I have been gathering some lovely found objects on my daily walks, ready for some interventions at a small exhibition later in the year, and I am beginning to feel alive again.  My dearest friend assured me that the ebb will turn to a flow this week; I hope so.  I have so many ideas, and so need to get going on them.  And the 'Identity' series will continue......
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