Friday, 28 July 2017

Verdigris Gorgeousness

Isn't it just yummy? A gift from my beau's boat (for the nautical reader, it is the seacock inlet cover, now replaced with a new one).

Next weekend I am running children's workshops and weaving a small tapestry at Boathouse 4 Summer Festival at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard - I think I now have the inspiration for the tapestry :-)

Location:The Loom Room

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Not Gone (and hopefully not Forgotten!)

This is where I started today, and this is where I finished:-

The best weaving day in quite some time!

There have been some major life changes since my last post - one on that very day, and completely out of the blue. Another is that I will be beginning a new chapter as the part-time 'Anna' Chaplain for Chichester; gives a full explanation of the principles of the rĂ´le, but I will be tailoring it to include art and creative practice as paths to supporting the spirituality of older people, their care-givers, and care-workers. I am so honoured, excited (and a little scared) about such a wonderful opportunity to weave art and spirituality together, alongside my studio practice. I was commissioned last Friday by the founder of Anna Chaplaincy, Debbie Thrower, but will be fully 'in post' on September 19th.

Last Monday I saw the gynae-oncologist for the last time, and have been 'signed off' (not 'written off' as I first phrased it!) from the cancer centre; two years all clear!! I danced a little jig on my way back to the car.

Location:The Loom Room

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