Thursday, 14 July 2011

The Beginning of the End....

Today the 'men in the white van' (Paul and Andrew) came and loaded up all my studio stuff - stored in three different locations; the print room, my bedroom and the back of my car - and transported it to my new workplace at Paul's 'Time Machine / The Clock Trust'.  The loom will move down at the beginning of next month.  I have a piece to finish (the Reclining Nude which has been posted before) and then some optical mixing / colour study pieces that I want to sample on the easel loom and then make larger versions on the scaffold loom.  In parallel, I shall begin with some drawing and photographing of the collection and develop some designs to turn into tapestry and print.  I have a part-time job application in progress (uploading a CV to a recruiter has taken ALL evening!!) and will keep my eyes peeled and my ear to the ground (now there is an interesting image to conjure with - and the reason for no photos in this post).

My time at West Dean has been wonderful, and I know that I shall be very sad to leave.  I also know that it is time, I am ready to do so, and the next phase will be just as exciting, scary and challenging as the last two years have been.  I am so looking forward to cooking and entertaining again!

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Show Week

Fourth full day of the show has just ended.  We had a successful Private View on Friday evening, and a busy weekend as we coincided with MedFest, a West Dean Gardens event.  Three sales (not mine) and one theft (one of my small handmade sketchbooks) so far!  There seems to be lot of interest in 'Lament' and what it represents; it resonates with people and makes them think it is 'about' particular events that they find meaningful, which means it is working as memorial to universal grief as I hoped.  It was strange to have the official photographer wanting me to stand by it grinning.....  I have taken lots of photos of it in different light conditions, and will post them soon.

Friday, 1 July 2011

Nuff Said

 Adrian taking the strain as it is lowered to insert a longer cross bar
 Hauled and being fastened by Gary and Nick watched by the artist
 As it will first be seen by visitors to the show
And this morning, with the usually dark slits pierced by bright sunlight

We did it!!
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