Saturday, 25 October 2014

New Toy!

A new and improved ring loom for weaving 3D. I still have the one made for me to weave the smaller standing stones in 2009/2010, but there were some flaws because it was made from recycled wheels and had no base. I designed this one and it was made for me by Stephen in the WD workshop.

I shall do some sampling on a frame to establish the warp ( which will be exposed) and weft combo to be used for a series of pods. What I have gathered for trial is some fine spun silk, raw silk with slubs of cotton and cashmere (Skye II by Texere - an old favourite), 18/2 undyed wool from Weavers Bazaar and some natural linen from Bockens. After all the red of 'Shrapnel' and 'Greater Love', I will enjoy working with neutrals for a while. There will also be some copper wire incorporated ready for verdigris.

Before I allow myself to start 'playing' I have to complete some sewing projects - revamping my wardrobe and a long overdue blind for the kitchen window. Now that stocktaking the shop is over I have some more studio days in prospect and a couple of exhibitions to work towards.

And if anyone messes with me I have that lovely Monkey's Fist door stop to defend myself!


Friday, 3 October 2014

And On to the Next Thing

Well, it's all taken down and packed away. Apart from the piece that I SOLD. Hoorah and much rejoicing! 'Greater Love' has gone to a lovely lady.

'Shrapnel' (see fragment above) is going to be in Guildford Cathedral for a few days in November. I hung it in the gallery in very fragmented form, but will arrange it more obviously as a poppy as it is to form the backdrop for some children's workshops.

The exhibition seemed to be largely well received, going by the appreciative remarks in the comments book. Sufficient people 'got' it for me to consider it a success.

I have very few pictures because it seemed that both my cameras had died. Upon a visit to the nice man at Sussex Camera Centre, it transpires that my pocket camera is indeed beyond rescue, but that the SLR was simply a victim of my ineptitude. Good news then!

Today I have been writing and uploading a residency proposal. I have a love-hate relationship with such tasks, but they are a necessary part of the portfolio life. I would be thrilled to get this particular one; the potential for a creative match between the location and my practice is great. Let us hope that the commissioners see that too!

I plan to do a bit of playing experimentation with some 3D and exposed warp using raw silk, natural linen and copper wire, followed by a vinegar bath - how I love verdigris. That and a Chichester Harbour sunset piece for an open submission next month should keep me out of mischief.


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