Monday, 30 January 2012

Weaving again, and despite visitors, did quite a bit.  What a relief to have yarn and be able to get on!

I heard on Saturday that Curvaceous has not been accepted for ATB9, which is a bit of a disappointment, but does mean that I have a large piece to show in a gallery later in the year, so not all bad.

I have an interview on Wednesday for a part-time job at the Cathedral, which would be a great complement to studio time.  Spare a thought for me at 12noon GMT.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Happy LouLou!

Look what came in the post this morning.  Jubilate!!

Flo joins in the general rejoicing.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Where Am I?

I ran out of the pale grey Shetland yarn on Wednesday, and am waiting for a parcel with fresh supplies.  "Curses and naughty words"* about my failure to plan ahead! No progress on hayyah as a result, which is a tad worrying, but I will catch up.  I have filled the time with walking, admin. and other making (two little coats in progress; one knitted and one stitched, a customized jacket for me also in progress).

Tonight is Burn's Night and we are having Haggis, Tatties and Neeps (and maybe a wee dram) in the seminar room at WD, sharing the cooking.  The original plan was to meet here and for me to cook, but numbers grew.  Think there will be Lamingtons too, for Australia Day.

Tomorrow I am going 'home' for a few days - a family funeral on Friday and then a couple of days with Mum and Dad, which will be lovely.  We are hoping that Flo and Chester (M&D's Poodle / Crested cross) will be friends and play together...  I am taking my mini tapestry frame with me to work on a small piece.

Monday will be back to studio weaving full time, and keeping up the pace.  Yeehah!!

*a line from The Goon Show

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Weaver's Dog (and Log): Stardate 150112

I made her this little coat from a 50s remnant (I have a few of these!) and cut up an old fleece of mine to line and edge it.  I took the pattern from a waterproof coat that I picked up in a sale for her (her semi-hairlessness means that she does need protection from cold and wet - not just me being silly, honest injun!).

She is settling in well, both at home and in the studio, where she occasionally ventures out into the garden without me.  We have a dog love triangle; she is enamoured of Henry the live-in standard poodle, and she is adored by Beano the visiting Jack Russell.  What fun.

And I have been doing some work.  nefesh is complete, and I have begun the next.  I decided that neshamah needs a wider warp, so am working on hayyah (= life) instead.  Yesterday I finished the selvedge, made the cartoon and stitched it in place, all ready to start weaving properly tomorrow.

This afternoon we (Flo and I) are off on a long walk, taking a flask and a sandwich.  It is a beautiful day - cold, crisp, sunny and blue skies - ideal for blowing away cobwebs.

And the flask has tea in it, not gin.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012


(apart from the soumak, selvedge and half hitches...

..which I will do tomorrow)  Funny how it has taken me so long to get it finished; the last few days have been like walking through treacle in many respects.  Hopefully I will now have the energy and will to speed on with the next one.  And the next, and the....

Monday, 2 January 2012

Weaver's Dog; Stardate 020112

Her name is Flo (short for Floella), she is a 2 year old Chinese Crested.  I only met her this morning, and by this afternoon (after a nice walk in the woods) she was perched next to me on the bench while I wove.  The Hebrew text is finished, the centre of the fingerprint too - and that is the top edge in the centre.  I did not go into the studio on New Year's Eve (opted for a completely lazy day!), but I am not too far behind.
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