Saturday, 23 April 2016

A Good Day

A productive day yesterday,  about 1/10 of the weaving done. I very much enjoy weaving texture intuitively within a planned framework. Just time to do an hour or so before I teach colour blending later today.
Location:Home Studio

Friday, 22 April 2016

The Weaver's Cat

She somehow imagines that she is helping.

The beginnings of the 3D 'Shrine' (small version) in actual weaving, rather than the, now rather crumpled, paper version. I am working with a continuous warp on the Ashford loom. I have room for it now that I have The Boy's room as a studio, he having kindly moved to his own flat - a proper grown up!


My Namesake

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Location:Boathouse 4, Portsmouth Historic Dockyard

Volunteering is Fun!

They let me loose with a spokeshave and other woodworking delights! My D&T bestest friend would be proud of me :-)

Location:Portsmouth Historic Dockyard

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