Friday, 12 June 2020

Bad Habits

I’m not going to list all my bad habits here, but you will see from a comparison of the upper and lower photos how much weaving I have done, and how I have neither taken photographs nor posted updates.  How will my devoted followers know what I am up to? 🤣
I started on the thumbprint section of ‘Neshamah’ yesterday, having experimented and softened the blend by adding two strands of the grey weft.  The sections are too narrow, and the sett too wide, to be able to ‘halo’ the transition between the two areas, so this was a good compromise to make the difference less stark.  I’m now only 35cm from the top of the weaving of this shrine; after another 10cm I will switch across to ‘Nefesh’, weave up to the same level, and then wind on for the last time.  After all the vicissitudes with the warp, I will be perilously close to the top of it by the end.  I’m hoping to  get away without needle weaving (I had to resort to that at the top of ‘Lament’ all those years ago, and it was not fun!). In my calculations for the next warp (for ‘Ruach’, ‘Hayyah’ and ‘Yechidah’) I have allowed a lot more waste.

A dear friend has been running a quarantine art class over the last few weeks, and it has been very good to rediscover a drawing element to my practice. I have been working on a large (28x23cm) ink drawing of one of my small (5x4.5cm) stones - one of the five stones which are the core forms of the upcoming body of work.  I rarely like my drawings, but am pleased with this:-

I might even frame it.

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