Monday, 30 September 2013

I Have Not Been Idle, Honest!

More wrapping and weaving of the North Transept window, filling of the space between the word layers and spire blocks.

A visit to see 'Moore Rodin' at HMF in Hertfordshire was most welcome after a pleasant evening (not) before in the Portsmouth one way system trying to get to a private view. Arrived at 7:58 and it ended at 8:00. Coo, urr, gosh.
Moore Rodin was brilliant. I had forgotten how much I like Rodin sculptures, only having seen small casts since my visit to Musee*Rodin when I was 18. Too long away. One piece they had brought across was 'Danaid*'which was a delight to see again - together with a realisation that the memory of it has been 'with me' since those far off days. Later I am going to revel in the exhibition catalogue.

The first of my three talks (From Cloth to Computers: without weaving there would be no web) went down well this morning: I base this on the fact that there were some appreciative comments and no-one asked for their money back!

Having been up since 5am and not slept much for three nights, right now I intend to have a nap. So there.

*apologies that my iPad won't let me use the proper accents

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Monday, 23 September 2013

Two Days' Worth

Looking at the lower one, I clearly need to stand up straight when I take photos! The wrapped cords are vertical, I promise you.

Attending Evensong on days when I am in the studio all day is becoming a regular pleasure; this evening I sat right behind the choir, so a clear hearing of both the individual voices and how they blend.

Doglet and I went to West Broyle woods on the way home from the studio and were greeted by a chirping robin as we exited the car. And then we saw this:-


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Thursday, 19 September 2013

A First Glimpse....

.....of 'Rebuilder' without the tags.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Nice Things!

I came home from WD to find this - an ivy root alive with white chocolate mice. I have my suspicions; don't I have nice friends?

An evening session at the loom, filling in above the text (and adding in the accents to make it read properly!)

The latest wrapping and filling I did earlier in the week.

I took some SLR shots yesterday of the lower part with the tags removed - snipping them off was very satisfying. Now to upload to the laptop and send off for the press release and Cathedral website.

More on the small pieces and back to the tracery tomorrow. I am feeling quite satisfied with progress, and as long as I do not catch the shop cold virus, all will be well :-))

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Monday, 16 September 2013

One Loom, Two Warps

The left-hand side is a continuous warp (hence the knitting needle 'handle' at the back) red linen at 4epc, which gives me about seven feet of weaving length. See how I am bilingual with units? :-)
The RHS is a fine silk at 3epc. It was an experimental accidental dyeing result where everything else in the bath became a fetching shade of 'School Jumper Blue', yet to be found a use for.

A scarlet 1ply, crimson fine mix, two shades of extremely fine silk. There is also some red wire being incorporated here and there.

A dirty jade wool rescued from the bin, the aforementioned silk and some space dyed 1 ply.

Both pieces of weaving will be combined with found stones.


Saturday, 14 September 2013


Resumed work on the woven version of the North Transept window. I seem to have developed a faster and less awkward way of working than I recall the first attempts being.
I went to Choral Evensong and had a flash of inspiration for another mixed media piece during the final hymn. It means reassembling the Ashford loom at home so that I can work on the idea in odd moments.
At the exhibition meeting we worked out the layout and the pieces that will be included - due to fixing constraints, 'Abram / Wilfred / Parable' (the working title keeps changing) will not make an appearance, but 'Thread of Grace' will if it is shipped back from the US in time. I now have to order my plinths from the workshop at WD, take some good detail shots of 'Rebuilder' for the press release / Cathedral website, design a poster / flyer and finish all the weaving.
Another development is that I will be assembling the scaffold loom in the North Transept again, to one side of the exhibition. I shall be able to rewarp the 'Identity' tapestries from last year and resume weaving hayyah in public. Visitors will be able to see weaving in action once more (the Visitors' Officer thinks this will be an important part of the exhibition). 'Nefesh' is on the same warp, so will whet people's appetite for the rest of the series, I hope!

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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Better Late Than Never

Both bets completed in an evening of weaving.

I did not get to the studio yesterday because I was just so tired when we got back from East Sussex that I fell asleep all afternoon! This was due either to sheer exhaustion or the deep trauma evinced by the Hailsham Festival of Arts and Culture; someone had decided to have a display of scarecrows - not of itself a bad idea - but when those scarecrows have been strung up to, rather than built round, what can only be described as crosses, the end result is, not to put too fine a point on it, crucified scarecrows. The High Street looks like some horrible mash up of Spartacus and The Wizard of Oz <>.

The Cathedral have published their events diary for the next four months, and I make a lot of appearances in it, due to the upcoming exhibition, a series of talks and a workshop day. Tomorrow morning I have a meeting with the Exhibitions Committee to make final arrangements. I am occasionally horribly aware that I could fall flat on my face. I am not panicking, and have not yet had any of my standard anxiety dreams (the one where it is the night before A levels and I have not done any work, or the one where I am about to go on stage and have lost my shoe, or the one where it is the last day of school and (for some reason only known to my fevered brain) I have to find my missing hockey boot or the world will end). Why have anxiety dreams not updated from when I was eighteen? It is a shame that a certain poster phrase has become massively overused and pastiched, because it encapsulates my approach, which is to "Keep Calm and Carry On". It has taken me through BA, PGDip and MFA, so I will stick to it.

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Saturday, 7 September 2013

Another Letter (almost) Completed

Because of the 'list to port' on bet2 I cannot complete bet1 until I have woven enough of the former to fill in the space between them and do the last bit of the latter. Two hours of weaving after a day in the shop is not a bad showing though. Should be able to finish both on Monday as I can have a full studio day once we get back from our overnight stay on The Dark Side (aka East Sussex) with the Boy's cousins. We have not seen them for AGES so it will be good to catch up.

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Friday, 6 September 2013

New Book Joy #3!

Well, a girl has to have something to do besides weaving, now that evenings are closing in.

I heard Malcolm speak on this subject last year and it was excellent. I am also a great fan of his sonnets - as you will know if you are a regular visitor here.

There is a new exhibition in the Cathedral; 'Moment by Moment, a Pilgrimage'. 100 steel figure sculptures by Randy Klein: childhood, nature, journeys, love, parenthood, acquisition, spiritual (re)awakening and more - all human life is there! I will check the position regarding copyright and maybe post photos of my favourites.

Oh, and I did a lot of work on 'Rebuilder' too; very close to completing bet1. Planning to go in and do so tomorrow after shop duties.


Wednesday, 4 September 2013

New Book Joy #2........

.......and other joy besides!

I was not expecting this to arrive until next week, so a pleasant surprise when I returned from The Dungeon. I am still working through 'The Female Face of God......' but so enjoy her writing and ideas that I ordered this one for later.

I am also feeling very pleased with myself because I have not only finished mem but also shin. A good day indeed!

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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

New Book Joy!!

I watched a great little documentary on iPlayer (still there if you want to catch it!) 'What Do Artists Do All Day?: Cornelia Parker'. Very sorry that I missed others in the series.

Looking forward to devouring the book, one delightful nugget at a time.


Monday, 2 September 2013

Of Weaving Progress and Sunset Curry!

mem almost finished - need to weave the square on point that underpins the overlap. As you do. Two whole studio days in prospect this week, which should mean good progress, added to any afternoon / evening sessions I can fit in.

This evening we got a curry from our favourite takeaway and took it to the garden of an abandoned-and-soon-to-be-demolished house on the Bosham Channel. Sat on a bench using the sea wall as a table and watched the sun setting over Chidham. Gorgeous!! And never to be repeated because after the demolition a new house will be built and the land will be private once more.

The sky was much bluer than it appears here; must fiddle with the camera settings before my next sunset outing!

On the way up, Chanctonbury Ring and on the way down respectively.

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