Friday, 14 January 2011

The New One

The scaffold loom was moved into my area over Christmas, so a different view through the warps from when I left it. Being stranded here for an extra day gave me the opportunity to warp it fully, thanks to the assistance of a stranded 'clockie'. I took the image to the printer today, so the cartoon will be ready on Monday (approx 2m wide by 3.5m high - it is a continuous warp that makes this possible on a 2m high loom), and in the meantime I have begun weaving the selvedge to stitch the lower edge of the cartoon to. I am very excited! I have also created an Artisi't Impression of the oak circle with the tapestry in situ, using Google SketchUp:-
This is the view as one walks up the track from the house to the arboretum. The armature and anchoring points are yet to be decided. It will be a very heavy structure, and the trick will be to brace it just enough for stability, but not so much that its 'clothness' is lost.

This is the image I shall be using:-

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  1. LouLou! Wow!! The scaffold loom looks just great with the warp on it! I'll be checking your blog all along to see how it's coming along. I really like the line drawing of the pieta--simply expresses so much.
    Happy days to all of you there in T&TA!!


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