Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Lines and Surfaces

After a lot of thought and some experimental sampling, decisions have been made about the thickness of the lines for the living body, and the amount of binding and integration into the background structure. The original lines were very fine, and I realized that they would not show up sufficiently in the outdoor setting, especially when the salt / papier mache / porcelain slip treatment is added. So now the lines will consist of 20 or so strands of the 18ply jute, with additions of coloured linen, wool and silk, loosely twisted and loosely wrapped on the whole, but with lengths of tighter binding using split 18ply. The ends of the bindings, and some of the finer core yarns will be woven into the background; this both holds the line in place, and disrupts the woven structure, adding to the eccentricity of the background. The bulldog clips are NOT part of the finished piece!

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