Thursday, 14 July 2011

The Beginning of the End....

Today the 'men in the white van' (Paul and Andrew) came and loaded up all my studio stuff - stored in three different locations; the print room, my bedroom and the back of my car - and transported it to my new workplace at Paul's 'Time Machine / The Clock Trust'.  The loom will move down at the beginning of next month.  I have a piece to finish (the Reclining Nude which has been posted before) and then some optical mixing / colour study pieces that I want to sample on the easel loom and then make larger versions on the scaffold loom.  In parallel, I shall begin with some drawing and photographing of the collection and develop some designs to turn into tapestry and print.  I have a part-time job application in progress (uploading a CV to a recruiter has taken ALL evening!!) and will keep my eyes peeled and my ear to the ground (now there is an interesting image to conjure with - and the reason for no photos in this post).

My time at West Dean has been wonderful, and I know that I shall be very sad to leave.  I also know that it is time, I am ready to do so, and the next phase will be just as exciting, scary and challenging as the last two years have been.  I am so looking forward to cooking and entertaining again!

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  1. Best of luck in your future, LouLou! I hope to read more of your adventures at your blog.


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