Monday, 4 March 2013

Day 32: Moving Out

Well, the North Transept is cleared of looms and other paraphernalia, and is as though I had never been there. Tomorrow I move into 1 St Faith's, the home of the Education Department. Mr Rochester had a madwoman in the attic; they shall have one in the basement.

Loom dismantling was very straightforward, and when I took the acros back to the hire place, they agreed to sell them to me at a super bargain price, so I am once again the proud possessor of my very own. I need to clean the basement a bit before moving stuff in and rebuilding for 'Rebuilder', but it should not be long before I am up and running again, once I have finished my Miss Moppet act.

'Miss Moppet tied her head up in a duster'


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