Friday, 10 May 2013

Yesterday's Progress

I should get to the top of the rach by the end of today. Blending the very subtly different blue wefts is most enjoyable, and I have found a way of interlocking with the background which means no stitching. Hoorah!
I was the final speaker last evening, but they were all still awake (and sober) and it seemed to go well - they laughed in the right places! It was good to hear and see about other artists' spaces and creative practice - and to find what we have in common - procrastination and studio envy but the urge to make work which overcomes both of these.
Today's treat will be to read 'Weaving as Metaphor', the Sheila Hicks exhibition catalogue with an essay by Arthur Danto. It is almost impossible to get hold of, so I am very grateful to WD library for borrowing it on an inter library loan. I have it until June 8th, so will immerse myself in it until then. It is one of those books which has lovely content and sumptuous paper with rough edges to the pages. A pleasure to handle. I want to make some books as some of the smaller works for the exhibition. Books and tiny tapestries in packages. I did some of the latter for my MFA show but it is a theme not yet exhausted in my imagination.
Time to finish my tea and get to the studio........

Location:The Dungeon

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