Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Derrière II - Part the First

Note the Heath Robinson tensioning and shedding system.

I am using the same weft as before, but a linen weft I bought from Weavers' Bazaar. It is a delight! I warped up quite softly as linen can be hard on the hands, and also the tension was beginning to bend to steel centre pole of the loom - the same problem I had back in 2010 with the enormous ring loom.

Wrapping the copper wires to 'draw' the image.  I am using two wires side by side this time because of the 140% enlargement.  It is more of a challenge with the image upright instead of on her side.

Embedded steel wires ready to be rusted once weaving is finished.  The idea is to suggest the folds and creases of the blanket the model was sitting on.  I am still cogitating how to work the background above the elbow line - to make both the tapestry, and the weaving of it, more interesting!

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