Tuesday, 17 May 2016

'Shrine': Inking On the Image

I have surprised myself by how fast this is growing; making / finding time to weave has been easier than expected over the last few days. I spent some time yesterday stripping a power cable to liberate the fine copper wire within. The plan is to weave the (now inked on) image over single warps rather than the doubles and quadruples I have done so far, using a finer weft of spun silk, 18/2 wool and the wire. It should look incised in the final piece (like 'Curvaceous' in 2012). The detail will not be as fine at this maquette size as in the full size version* but should be sufficient. The right hand side of the weaving will become the bottom of the cleft stone, as in the paper maquette below.

*I hope to have news on this front soon.

Location:Cuckoo Fields,Chichester,United Kingdom

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