Tuesday, 20 September 2016

'Geode(139:15)': First Sighting

Rejected maquettes either side of the final version, cartoon-in-progress, colour reference from Sark stone. This one will be quite a challenge as it has fourteen panels with lots of spacers so that it draws up into a hollow form with a coloured interior, my usual 'stone' weft and texture on the outside and the necessary join hidden inside. The cartoon is 150cm long, so will just fit on the Ashford with a continuous warp. It should be a fairly quick weave as there are a lot of unwoven areas. My deadline is October 31st to enter it for a juried exhibition. 'Shrine' and 'Derrière II' have been entered for a couple already. Fingers etc. crossed!

Tomorrow I begin the yarn gathering......

The Big Loom is now 86% funded! Many thanks to the backers via this blog and elsewhere :) Go to https://crowdfunder.co.uk/tapestry-loom if you would like to support the project. Any funds raised beyond the loom cost will go to buy the materials for the full size version of 'Shrine'.

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