Saturday, 15 October 2016

Restoring Lemminkäinen to Life: Part the Second

All photos taken on iPhone for Instagram; apologies if quality is poor on larger scale.

Clamping the beater assembly to access the reed.

The reed marked for the width of 'Geode(139:15)' (Because, yes, I did decide to start with a smaller project!)

The warp (Weavers Bazaar linen, as used for 'Shrine') on my improvised warping board.

Chained warp (136 ends, 2.7m)

The reed sleyed and chained in bundles of eight. This is my first ever warping of a vertical loom, and, apart from my rigid heddle loom, the first sleying I have done in 10 years - that was on a 16 shaft Dobby loom at De Montfort.

I am hugely grateful to Tommye Scanlin's Tapestry Share blog for guidance:-

Location:Cuckoo Fields,Chichester,United Kingdom

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