Monday, 14 August 2017

A Quick Peek.....

.....of the tapestry sculpture that I began on my 'residency' at Boathouse 4 Summer Festival. I spent most of the time running workshops for groups of children (and their Carers), which was a delightful way to spend my time - so much energy and creativity! In between I began this:-

My favourite weft - as used for 'Derrière', 'Shrine', and 'Derrière II'; wrapped copper wire for both verdigris and structure. There will be supplementary warps and all sorts - I am just weaving as the fancy takes me. The working title is 'Vortex (Storm in a Teacup)' as I plan for the form to be bowl or cup. It may change; I can, as my Polish Uncle Stan used to say, "Choice Myself".
[Aside: engrossed in writing this post, I have burned my lunchtime toast].

id1: nefesh and id2: neshamah continue apace:-

They are now wound on, the spacers are in and the weaving resumes - soon I shall be at the first image stage - a handprint.

Now to scrape the burnt bits off the toast!

Location:The Loom Room

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