Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Ch ch ch changes

Good things have been happening since I blogged last (in September, shame on me!)

A detail of 'Geode II: the bling geode' being woven for a client.

Today I was teaching at WD - a tapestry taster day, encouraging students to use the Purl and Loop minute loom as a sketchbook to generate quick experimental pieces. I have been using mine a lot, and it has proved a very fruitful practice. I am teaching another tapestry day in July, and also a drawing weekend at the end of June (I have a wry smile at that; I was not allowed to do O Level art because the teacher told me "you can't draw". When I got my MFA, I (internally) waved the certificate in the air and shouted "here's to you Mrs Price". That early discouragement is what makes me so passionate about nurturing creativity in others, so I am thankful for her.

The major news is that back in September I was appointed part-time Chaplain with Chichester Anna Chaplaincy, a charity whose volunteers are spiritual befrienders to older people, particularly the room bound and bed bound in Care Homes. It is very rewarding (and very necessary) work, and a great joy to be part of.

Next month is Chichester Art Trail ( and I am participating for the first time, necessitating much shopping for Really Useful Boxes, carpet cleaning, and so forth - a downside of my studio being in my home.

I also plan to get back to regular blogging.

Location:The Loom Room


  1. Good to see you back. Did you find your Purl and Loop looms in the uk?

    1. I got mine from Handweavers in London, but now have an arrangement to order them direct from Purl and Loop at wholesale price :-) I have more like mine available at present, but will be ordering again soon.


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