Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Things I Have Been Doing Since June

1. Finding interesting images for journal (see above)
2. Doing important Chaplain things (meetings, services, visiting)
3. Parting company with The Beau
4. Going on walking / research holiday to Dorset
5. Planning new series of small works as a result of 4, *, **
6. Revisiting research proposal, prior to rewriting
7. Weaving
8. Knitting
9. Reading Improving Books
10. Finishing a small commission

How I feel about the above:-

1. Neutral
2. Content
3. Surprisingly OK
4. Delighted
5. Excited
6. Pleased
7. Myself
8. Satisfied
9. Smug 😝
10. Chuffed

* I finished weaving the first one this morning; it is currently undergoing the verdigris process.

** Now, of course, I have to bind a new sketchbook for this 'Ritual Landscape' series. I have approximately five million*** in the drawer, but none of them are quite right.....

*** May be a slight exaggeration!

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