Monday, 4 May 2020

Still Here, and All There

Geode II (aka ‘Blingy’) is off the loom and waiting to more beads added before I draw the warps up and present it to the client - probably in July when she is down this way again, but possibly via Royal Mail if her course at WD is cancelled.   I shall make no other mention of The Thing.

I started at UCA/UAL in September last year, and writing my registration document took some time, but I passed, and am officially registered for MPhil /PhD, part-time over five years.  It is hard to realise that the first year is half over!  Alongside new sketchbook work for the practice side of the thesis I am going to include the Identity Shrines as a trial run in the locations that I plan to use for the final artworks.  After some vicissitudes with Lemminkaïnen - who I think felt rather neglected - and with assistance from a fellow Varpapuu owner in Wisconsin, I was able to solve the tension and treadle problems, and am now weaving at great speed, aided by Radio 3 concerts and my classical playlist.  My lovely Boy gave me a really good Bluetooth speaker for my birthday, so the sound quality is much improved, hoorah!  As I type this, I am listening to an archive recording of Le Nozze di Figaro (my favourite opera; I listened to a CD of it while I was in labour 28 years ago).

Here is the progress made on the Nefesh shrine in the last week:-

A maquette for a large piece to be made once the shrines are off the loom:-

And a bonus picture of Aphraminta Splodge guarding valuable tapestry samples:-

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