Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Artist Statement

"My aim is to escape the tyranny of the rectangle and to take tapestry off the wall.
I make woven sculptures influenced by monolithic standing stones, burial rituals, stone surfaces and offerings.
The structures - both large and small - are placed or buried in the landscape as a response to ideas about the Incarnation; 'verbum caro factus est'; 'the Word became flesh'."

In this body of work, the underlying concept is that of risk. It is counter-intuitive to put a piece of precious work, which has taken many hours to create, outside at risk from the elements, and, more importantly, vulnerable to harm by human intervention (vandalism, theft...).

This is a reflection of the counter-intuitive action of God becoming man.

This blog is part of the artwork, in that I will use it to record, both photographically and in reflective journalling, the life of the piece as it goes outside, beside a busy public footpath, for 40 days.

I will welcome comments, questions and reactions to the project......

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  1. Hi LouLou, it's Holly here from Immanuel Church. I've been looking over your blog, esp the photos of your work, with my step daughter, Lucy (I mentioned her - she's doing design textile art at school) and we'd LOVE to come see your end of year show - and/or nose about your studio! When's the show?


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