Sunday, 16 May 2010

It Has Happened!

The lith has been kicked / knocked / pushed over! Will post photos tomorrow when I and the USB lead are in the same place.
It was quite a dilemma; do I leave it where it is, as it has been left, or do I restore it to a standing position? You will see what I decided tomorrow when I post the photos. Had a good discussion with friends SD, EM and DH about what I should do to best fit the concept. Differing opinions about both the immediate decision, and the long term future of the piece. These echoed some of my earlier thoughts about whether the current placement, although genuinely 'at risk' had enough exposure to the public, and whether I should consider moving it into the 'safer' environment with more chance of interaction. I think that the interaction that has occurred answers that question.
There is also the issue of the placement of thebigone once the show is over. SD in particular feels very protective of the work, and thinks that I should not risk it, when it represents so many weeks of work. To me it is important that it reflects my understanding of Incarnation, and that means that it MUST go outside, no matter what happens. I may feel differently once it is finished. I may not be able to let it go. And that can be part of the exploration too.

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