Monday, 21 June 2010

Hoorah #5 (and then some)

The weaving of thebigone was completed at 5.35 pm BST. (Hoorah #4 was just before lunch). I danced a little jig on the scaffolding, which caused it to rock mightily, but thankfully did not catapult myself out of the open window. Still all the finishing to do, but I might just allow myself an evening off to walk up the arboretum in the evening sunshine.

This is the final working height. I have had to live / work in jeans for days because of ladder climbing. Your picture puzzle task is to spot the following vital adjuncts to the weaver's tool box:-

1. Large mug for tea

2. Two tennis balls in a sock.

3. iPod

4. Fan

My wonderful friend P was in Piccadilly yesterday, and went to Fortnum's for Violet Creams as a finishing reward. I may allow myself two.

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