Sunday, 27 June 2010

Plinthed Out

I have just finished making the last of ten (yes, ten) MDF plinths for the show. There are five pairs, all 40 cm square tops, and range in height from 55 cm to 80 cm. I will not post a picture of them because anyone with so much as a D&T O Level would have a conniption at how less-than-perfect they are! But I did them all myself (apart from cutting 50 x 50 cross section lengths of batten into 25 x 25 cross-section lengths of batten. KK did that for me because I am not allowed to use the table saw. Tomorrow I shall paint them white, which will cover a multitude of sins. Nearly there. One disinterrment and three small bits of weaving, and I am ready. Yee Haa!

An Avebury stone for you to admire.

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