Saturday, 30 April 2011

Saturday News (with random photo of me at 17)

And no, the MG was not mine.

I went into Chichester this morning to get some portfolio sleeves prior to mounting some drawing for (potential) interviews. I decided to nip into the Oxmarket Gallery to enquire about exhibition space. Lo and behold, there is a window available from May 15th - 29th. Cue phone call home to ask Mum to send some of my other 'Avebury' pieces down, and renewed vigour for cropping and mounting - now all done except one monoprint and two small tapestries which are still in the process of having their backs tidied up. And on the subject of backs...... mine is behaving extremely well, and I am back at the loom, have been for five days now.

Hoorah and Jubilate!

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