Thursday, 28 April 2011

Today, for the first time I...

1. Walked barefoot in the grass (first time this year).
2. Did some welding (first time ever)

I was on a sculpture course for the day, and learned spot welding (for making iron wire maquettes) and MIG welding (for making full size armatures). Great fun. I was working in the forge, which, when the fires are not lit for smithing, is one of the coolest places to be on a hot day. And the last few days have been very warm indeed.

It has been a strange couple of months. Prolapsed lumbar disc and nerve compression (and associated sciatica) began in mid Feb, became acute in early March and made it impossible to finish 'Lament' by Easter as planned. I was able to advance some of the extended practice work so all was not lost, but working at only half speed and strength was very frustrating. I managed to do the library residency that I was committed to over the Easter hols, making a 3D piece ('Experimental Vessel') on the small ring loom, ready to be further treated now I am back at WD. It is my final term; the last months have flown by, and I think the next 12 weeks will zoom. Initial trepidation has been replaced by excitement about work and the future. The weather is beautiful, there is a constant soundtrack of birdsong, and the gardens are leaping into colourful life.

I have tried updating the blog a couple of times, but no joy. Here's hoping for today's effort!

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