Thursday, 19 May 2011

Passing the Two Metre Mark....

....and ready for another 'pull for the shore' session tomorrow. The end will then be in sight, and it may not need another roll around if I can work off the platform up to the top. I am back to full weaving strength, so have been able to do two 7 hour weaving days - the other days I have done other things too! I had an interview for a Residency yesterday, and heard today that I had not got it. Rather disappointed, as it would have been a good place to be and a good opportunity to widen my skills, but not to be. Looking onward to the next thing....

We decided today that 'Megalith' should be moved in advance of the End of Year Show in order to allow the grass to recover for other exhibits. She is going to relocate to the tree circle where 'Lament' should have gone before Easter, so I will have a presence there after all. Need to organize a Land Rover to get her up there, and some flyers to explain her presence to WD Gardens visitors.

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