Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Progress Report

At the beginning of yesterday:

and at the end:

After a few days away from the loom (recovering from the epidural-for-my-back, and then handling warps of a different kind in the Solent), I came back pain-free, full of vim and made excellent progress yesterday. The end is now definitely in sight. Tomorrow I shall be working off the double platform (wooden box atop carpetted metal) to a height of about 2'6", then a final 'pull for the shore' and work as far as the tightness of the warp will allow. Aiming for the end of next week, allowing for interruptions and another weekend afloat (hopefully). No weaving today as we had an all day life class. I drew this morning and modelled this afternoon - both activities are strangely exhausting, and I do not think that I will be in the studio late tonight. The weaving edge is all marked up ready for tomorrow morning, and I have made the necessary adjustments to the cartoon. When I finished last night it was with pondering over exactly how best to represent the lines of strain in the neck of the upright figure; different wefts, cording, staggered slits? I am going to try cording on the morrow, and see whether it gives the right effect. The joy of tapestry is that unpicking (or evaew-ing) is a possibility.

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