Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Where Am I?

I ran out of the pale grey Shetland yarn on Wednesday, and am waiting for a parcel with fresh supplies.  "Curses and naughty words"* about my failure to plan ahead! No progress on hayyah as a result, which is a tad worrying, but I will catch up.  I have filled the time with walking, admin. and other making (two little coats in progress; one knitted and one stitched, a customized jacket for me also in progress).

Tonight is Burn's Night and we are having Haggis, Tatties and Neeps (and maybe a wee dram) in the seminar room at WD, sharing the cooking.  The original plan was to meet here and for me to cook, but numbers grew.  Think there will be Lamingtons too, for Australia Day.

Tomorrow I am going 'home' for a few days - a family funeral on Friday and then a couple of days with Mum and Dad, which will be lovely.  We are hoping that Flo and Chester (M&D's Poodle / Crested cross) will be friends and play together...  I am taking my mini tapestry frame with me to work on a small piece.

Monday will be back to studio weaving full time, and keeping up the pace.  Yeehah!!

*a line from The Goon Show


  1. Yay for lamingtons, on any day as well as Aus Day.

  2. the truly original ones have a thin layer of raspberry or strawb jam under the chocolate, but impossible to find these days.


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