Sunday, 15 January 2012

Weaver's Dog (and Log): Stardate 150112

I made her this little coat from a 50s remnant (I have a few of these!) and cut up an old fleece of mine to line and edge it.  I took the pattern from a waterproof coat that I picked up in a sale for her (her semi-hairlessness means that she does need protection from cold and wet - not just me being silly, honest injun!).

She is settling in well, both at home and in the studio, where she occasionally ventures out into the garden without me.  We have a dog love triangle; she is enamoured of Henry the live-in standard poodle, and she is adored by Beano the visiting Jack Russell.  What fun.

And I have been doing some work.  nefesh is complete, and I have begun the next.  I decided that neshamah needs a wider warp, so am working on hayyah (= life) instead.  Yesterday I finished the selvedge, made the cartoon and stitched it in place, all ready to start weaving properly tomorrow.

This afternoon we (Flo and I) are off on a long walk, taking a flask and a sandwich.  It is a beautiful day - cold, crisp, sunny and blue skies - ideal for blowing away cobwebs.

And the flask has tea in it, not gin.


  1. she's so appealing in her coat, and those ears!

  2. We walked about five miles this afternoon, so she has been out for the count most of the evening. The ears really are quite something!


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