Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Progress (and a Book Recommendation)

We are above knee level.  Which, coincidentally, is the level the mud reached while we went walking after heavy rain this afternoon.  There had been thunder too.  The woods and fields were waterlogged, the streams refilled and the scent of damp earth and woodland irresistible.  The bluebells did not appear too battered by the elements, and one of the feral rhododendrons was in bloom.  Should have taken camera - will try and do so tomorrow.

I can't remember where I saw this book reviewed, but was impressed enough to buy a copy.  And it is GOOD.  He looks at the different sources of anxiety which beset creative people (starting / finishing / selling / criticism etc) and uses stories and practical examples of anxiety management tools to offer suggestions for self help.  Well written, cogent, readable and MAKES PERFECT SENSE.

I am also dipping into economics: 'The Black Swan' which is very interesting on the subject of unpredictability, and how we ignore the fact that we don't know much at all!  The other book I began today (and am enjoying tremendously so far) is Roger Scruton's 'Gentle Regrets'.  He has re-inspired me to get hold of Proust's 'A La Recherche du Temps Perdu'.  Links to some of my thoughts for the Cathedral Residency (did I blog about that yet?  Perhaps not.  Will get back to you on that.)


  1. beautiful greys and shading, i enjoy my hit of tapestry on your loom.

  2. Thank-you! It's good weather for weaving here at the moment - rain / thunder / gales. Better to stay at the loom, although I do have to venture out for supplies so that the cat and the dogleg don't start eyeing me hungrily!!


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