Friday, 20 April 2012

Lukewarm Off the Press (and other tales)

Yes, I (and, more importantly, Tapestry) made it to the front page of the local paper during the Angmering exhibition.  We had a steady stream of visitors to the Mill House Gallery up to this point, and then on the day this was published, 64.  Good exhibition, well curated and well received.  Good opportunities to 'big up' tapestry as a medium.  Hoorah!

As well as taking my turn invigilating the show, I have been spending time making new mixed media work; originally for the Bosham 'Art in the Garden' trail last weekend, which due to a computer glitch at their end, I was omitted from in the end, and my garden space allocated to someone else.  Never mind - I now have stocks for June, and can get on with some small tapestries for then too....

This one is loosely inspired by those yummy early Richter paintings.  The yarns are Shetland 2 ply; no mixed bundles, but the natural variegation of the yarn means that they are not 'flat'.  It is called 'Thread of Grace', from the Italian Jewish proverb:-

"No matter how dark the tapestry the Almighty weaves for us, there is always a thread of grace"

This one is a very fine silver lurex thread in occasional passes so should only be visible in certain lights / angles.

I have also done the cartoons for another two A4 size ones, based on life drawings from last year.

Best get on.....


  1. Well done Lou Lou! And Hurrah for Tapestry making headlines!Your piece on the loom quite intrigues me and you're barely begun!

  2. I've done another two inches on it - will post again soon.

  3. congratulations and lovely to meet you via the newsprint


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