Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Under Wraps

I did all the Ghiordes knots for the flower centre; Moley kindly cut all five million** 5" lengths for me, and it took about 90 minutes to do all the knotting and interspersed picks. I have left the strands long until I decided how short to trim them and whether to add beads. To that end I hoofed off to Hobbycraft to acquire some black seed beads, it being too late to shop anywhere else by the time I left TM. I also found some pure wool DK at a bargain price, so I shall do some dyeing tomorrow for a yarn swap I am taking part in this month.

No photo until I have decided and tidied up the centre, which I will probably postpone until I have done the remaining petals. Unless I decide to post a pic of the vintage chair-back cloth I cover the tapestry with at night?

To satisfy your visual needs, here is a picture of something else:-

** possibly a slight exaggeration

Location:Clay Lane,,United Kingdom

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