Friday, 2 November 2012

Too Busy to Blog.....

....and with workshops not weaving.  It has been half term this week, and there have been a lot of visitors.  I have also been busy or out most evenings, which is unusual for me.  We had a 'crafty girls' session on Tuesday; Eleanor made a linocut to print labels for the chocolate liqueur we made a couple of weeks ago and I carried on with some crochet, sending in my entry for the ATA Small Tapestry exhibition and cartoon design for 'Tapestry Mischief'.  This is the restored to full body rabbit:-

I photographed the postcard version, loaded it into Procreate, scaled it up and traced the important lines.  I am very pleased with Procreate, and have taken to using it more than Photoshop - mainly because it is on the iPad and FAST where my Pshop is on my old laptop and S-----L-----O-------W.  I have very nearly finished the sampling of his behind on the loom, and will move on to sampling the flower colours etc on Monday.
Wednesday evening was an evening out to avoid the Trick or Treaters.  Curmudgeonly or wot?!  In my defence, there are gazillions of children in the close, they bring their friends from the rest of the village, and it is mayhem.
Last evening was a PV at WD for Effervescence, the annual gift fair.  Lorraine had come down for it, so I had a nice girls' reunion with her, Eleanor and Sheila.

I have been having some problems with 'Blue', and may have to unweave quite a hefty section (chiz).  I have put it away for now while I get on with 'Go Ask Alice' (working title for the rabbit).  I am weaving it sideways, but there is one section (her derriere actually) which is a line across two warps, creating open slits which do not look right at all and I am not sure whether stitching them will help without distorting the lines around.  Time to ponder, and look again in a few weeks.

Tomorrow I am heading north again.  My brother has organised a charity gig with the band he plays bass in.  The Boy is coming down from Manchester to play drums and we are staying with Mum and Dad, so it will be a nice weekend.  In the meantime I am going to a fancy dress party at WD, having raided the dressing up boxes at TM. That is if I can stay awake that long.

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  1. So much happening i'm amazed you could find tie to blog it all. I understand about Halloween, i stood on the front lawn watering it and told everyone who called that i "didn't know much about it". With hose in hand i guess they decided to move off quietly!
    Sorry to hear about rabbit's bottom, i hope you can work it ok.
    Can you change to no word verificn? i've just got 6 or 7 wrong even tho i know a couple were right. It's not difficult and you can avoid the spammers by choosing "no anonymous".


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