Sunday, 27 January 2013

Brer Sheep and the Briar Patch

Such a beautiful morning that I decided to go up to Harting Down and have a yomp along part of the South Downs Way to a nice ruin (I do like a nice ruin, especially when the views from it are good).

Doglet and I went off the SDW for a while and she was spooked by a noise in a bramble thicket.  Some poor sheep had got itself completely tangled and was struggling and making it worse.  It calmed down when I spoke to it, and lay quietly whilst I cut the thorns and some of its fleece to release it - so glad that I sharpened my Opinel knife the other day - Doglet stood and watched the proceedings without making any fuss or noise.  It took about half an hour, but I got it out:-

Where the sheep was

Where it went to

The state of me (with a view to the North!)

And yes, we did make it to the tower:-

 Too much of a biting wind to sit and sketch it today, but will work from photos for my DaD (drawing a day).

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  1. Well done, so lucky that you walked by at that particular time and how good that you managed to free the sheep. A wonderful effort.


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