Friday, 25 January 2013

Lost and Found

I have lost my acros!! Not even the wholes, just the top sections. They are not at TM, nor in the gargantuan room of stuff garage. Why would anyone steal only the top sections? Grrr! Now I will have to go and hire some tomorrow. Although Jules has told me of a toolhire firm in Chi who have loaned her stuff in the past as a way of sponsoring art projects. They will be my first port of call...
The good news is that in searching in the gargantuan room of stuff garage I found my Photoshop CS2 installation discs, so it is now installing on the MacBook Pro that my Boy gave to me last year when he upgraded. It was running so slowly on my PowerBook that I had just given up using it.

Ungood news. My CS2 will not install as it is a PowerPC version. Chiz.

Location:Clay Lane,,United Kingdom

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