Friday, 12 April 2013

Inky Fingers

Yesterday's weaving demo went quite well, although the footfall of visitors was much lower than at the Cathedral; I am going back for another session on Saturday. The Boy walked in from home to join me at the end and we went for a pootle round the city before tea in the studio (which I think I am going to call the Dungeon) and home. My cunning plan was to drop him off and then go back and work on the cartoon, but somehow I lost the plot. I did go back in this morning however, and, by dint of making myself get on with it, have nearly completed the design. I have made some major changes; the figure and broken pillars have gone, an unfinished stylized spire has found its way in, and both the transept window (which will be made in wrapped rope and cord) and Hebrew text have been much enlarged. Tomorrow I have to trace the design lines, although I have discovered that my draughtsman's paper is a bit creased, which is a pain. If it proves to be unusable I may have to buy some A1 sheet tracing paper when I am on duty in the shop on Sunday.

I am sure that the imagery will evolve further as I weave it.

Location:St Faith's

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