Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Happy Alignments

A couple of weeks ago, having filled all my wooden ones I used a small brass tipped bobbin to hold yarn instead of as a beater. What joy! Why have I never tried this before? Easier in the hand when working at this fine sett, and, it has to be said, most attractive. My first ever bobbin was a Purpleheart one from Handweaver's in London, but probably made by Ian of IST crafts on the Isle of Wight. I bought a couple more direct from him a year or so ago, simply for the beautiful wood; they are now 'loaded' and in use, which is as it should be.
The alignment? We stock IST bobbins in the WD shop and had a delivery last week :-)) I have chosen a few of the most beautiful to buy myself over the coming months. Here is the first:-

Pink Ivory - a wood I had never even heard of before! Tomorrow I shall put it into use as I return to the loom after what seems like a long break.


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