Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Missing You Already....

I did not get to the studio until after lunch, but made up for it by staying until 8.30. Finished the top of Panel 1 on 'Wilfred' and added Ghiordes knots to the narrow section at the side:-

It is strange how changing the sett (working only on the front warps) makes the same yarn look so much darker.

Five and a half blocks worked on 'Rebuilder'; progress is faster when there are no hachures.

I shall be away from the loom for a few days; WD's new festival 'Fusion' is this weekend and the next three days will be spent in prepping for it. I am running a drop-in workshop on Saturday and staffing our Pop Up Art Shop on Sunday. Mum and Dad are bringing their camper van for a few days' visit and my Boy is coming home on Saturday. Busy, Happy times ahead!!

This the lovely bouquet that my friend MM gave me. The scent is gorgeous!

Location:The Dungeon

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