Monday, 11 November 2013

Exhibition Photos

'Rebuilder' in the evening light

'Rock of Ages'

'Lament' - where I always hoped it would hang; the organ loft


'I Know How Slight Are The Threads'

'Hope' (will get a better picture without the Treasury gates as background!)



'Corpus Christi'

'Burials I-IV' (with holey stone added by friend)

'Omnium Gatherum: Stone Figure 1'

'Omnium Gatherum: Various'

'Omnium Gatherum: Trio 1'

'Omnium Gatherum: Various'

'Omnium Gatherum: Raindancer and "Hope is the thing with feathers"'

Goodly number of visitors and good cakes for the Private View yesterday; the Cathedral used 'Rebuilder' readings at Evensong, which was a lovely privilege.

I have begun a small tapestry on the Ashford loom; simply the Hebrew for 'rebuilder' on a fractured stone ground. The plan is to work on it in the North Transept whenever I can be in residence; every Monday & Friday, and some other times too. Very nice to be back in there!

Location:North Transept, Chichester Cathedral


  1. So exciting to see your work up, wish I could get to see it in person, I love the lament piece, well I love all of it.
    Is lament felted, or is it just its a long way off.

  2. Lament is woven with jute and not felted, just a way off as you thought! Will post a detail shot once it is within reach again!


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