Sunday, 17 November 2013

Better Pictures

 'Omnium Gatherum' still in the studio and without the photographically unhelpful height and perspex!

A better picture of 'Lament', although still no proper idea of scale - it is 2m wide, and the top edge is about 6.5m from the floor.

A detail from the rubble pile section of 'Rebuilder'.

Today there was a special Evensong for RoadPeace - hugely moving.  The Cathedral Curate was preaching and used both 'Lament' and 'Rebuilder' as sermon illustrations, referring to the 'non-coincidence' of the exhibition overlapping with both Remembrance Sunday and RoadPeace Sunday.  Although I have no direct experience of being involved in or losing someone in a road accident - John Donne "each man's death diminishes me because I am part of mankind" was very much on my mind.

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