Thursday, 5 December 2013

Still Here....

.....just not there anymore!

I took the exhibition down last Thursday and have spent the time since catching up with other things, including various applications / proposals.  The results so far:-

Applied Arts Commission Proposal - not shortlisted
Residency / Sponsored Studio Application - called for interview
Juried Exhibition at the Oxo Tower - results in January

I taught two tapestry workshops on Monday - nine people at each, very encouraging! I have also been doing some editing work and planning how to fit everything into my tiny abode once I bring it all back from the Cathedral studio in the next couple of weeks.  Not so much a quart as a gallon into a pint pot.  I think that I shall stack all the boxes in a Manhattan-like grid pattern and play at being a giant.  I shall not be hosting any dinner parties until I acquire a new studio; strictly picnics!

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