Monday, 23 June 2014

A Good Day

After a busy few days, including an outdoor production of 'As You Like It' in Beaconsfield and a Chichester Festivities concert in the cathedral, a day at home and a minor miracle - I did some drawing! Actually quite a lot of drawing, including some stitch-draw on canvas. I have not been suffering creative block as such, just a bit of inertia* needing a catalyst to overcome it. In the end I 'self-catalysed' and just got on with it. Lots of ideas are now brewing.

This photo is one I took last September, looking west across a channel of Chichester Harbour from a garden in Bosham. It is the starting point for an exhibition entry I am working on in parallel with the Ruins / Paradise Lost series. There may be sketchbook glimpses.......

* and too many excuses, truth be told. I may not have a proper studio yet, but I have a dining table and all the equipment and supplies I need to fill a sketchbook.


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