Monday, 9 June 2014

Diamonds - Crazy and Otherwise

My weaver's mark in the top selvedge of the blue tapestry. When deciding on my mark a few years ago I opted for a shape rather than my initials, partly because of a certain favourite Pink Floyd song, and partly for reasons of practicality; LL would mean slits to sew up! There are quite enough of those in a tapestry without creating more.

Those few years ago I was also being put through some tough stuff and was at a bit of a low ebb, feeling unwanted (which I was) and worthless (which I was not) I can't remember now whether someone said this to me, I read it or it just popped into my head, but the phrase was "a diamond is a diamond is a diamond".
Well yes. A diamond can be in a beautiful setting or it can be prised out and thrown in the dirt (or worse) but it does not cease to be a diamond and its worth is not diminished; it remains a precious stone. Good lesson!
I now wear a diamond (the tiniest that a certain pale-turquoise-themed jeweller do sell - but oh, they treated me like a Duchess!) in a silver ring on my right ring finger. Just to remind me.
And I often put a bit of sparkle in my weaver's mark too.

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  1. Thank you for sharing such a lovely story about your weaver's mark. And what juicy colours....


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