Friday, 4 July 2014

Mission Accomplished - In Part

After a late start (enjoying coffee and conversation with a friend in Chi) and a circuitous route (notes to self: take your A-Z, get off at Aldgate East NOT Whitechapel) the stretchers were duly delivered to my painter friend. I had help on my journey across London: an East End chippie, a Spanish tourist and a Bangladeshi lad who kindly picked up a bicycle that I had knocked over when I turned round forgetting my new wooden dimensions!

Painter friend EB was on a break and she took me to Spitalfields City Farm where we petted the donkeys and (myself alone) sang "I'm a troll, fol-de-rol" to the billy-goats, despite the absence of a wooden bridge. I apologise if this reference leaves you culturally alienated!
After EB went back to work I had a mooch round the Brick Lane area; antecedents of mine (one a Scandinavian immigrant) were married at Christchurch Spitalfields and lived in a house in Hanbury street, long since demolished. I have also just been reading Rachel Liechtenstein's book of the history and people.

In my thought-doodling about the September show on the train up to London, I had decided that I would visit the Imperial War Museum for some research. Not having my A-Z or Moleskine City Notebook, I had to take a guess at where to find it, not having visited since I was about 11. Things I learned:-

It is important to know the difference between Kennington Road, Kennington Park Road and Kennington Lane.

Named bus stops and maps in bus shelters are marvellous things!

An earlier destination decision and some preliminary research would have told me that IWM is closed until July 16th, when they re-open with a new WWI gallery. This will be very useful in a fortnight.

London was hot, HOT, HOT!!!

Another bus ride took me to the PV at Espacio Gallery in Shoreditch. Good stuff in the main. Free wine.

Bus, tube, train and car home. Shower, sarong and sleep.

This morning's thought-doodle: a name for the show, 'Not Only, But Also'. And there will be a poppy.
In some form or other.

Location:Brick Lane Circular

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