Sunday, 27 July 2014

Sampling, Swatches, Studio and a Spectacle

I like a neat swatch book!

The weaving studio carved from The Boy's bedroom. The bed head makes a good impromptu work table for 'Abram'.

Now to head to the photocopier to turn an A3 tracing into an A1 cartoon. Cut and paste the old-fashioned way. The cartoon will then be cut up into random rectilinear sections for weaving. The piece is called 'Shrapnel', not 'Poppy' as you might have thought. I hope to get the warp on before the end of the day.

The spectacle? Me, this morning, tumbling down the steps in the quire at the cathedral. Part way down ( for I fell in three stages, each of which I thought was the last) my hand landed on the sign which reads 'Uneven Steps, Take Care'. Three people were there to pick me up and dust me off, my dignity more bruised than my body. Thankfully it was not during the service; I might have taken three others out :-))



  1. I'm sorry to hear about you taking a tumble! But I must say I very much like you studio set up, and nearly organized swatch. Hummm. Inspired. Is that an Ashford tapestry loom?

  2. Yes it is an Ashford - the one that I wove my very first tapestries on. There is not enough room in here for the scaffold loom until I get a couple of shorter scaffold tubes. It is nice to have a proper work space again!

  3. That's wonderful! I just took the giant loom down because it's kind of too big for our little flat. I thought, oh goodie, it's summer, I'll just weave outstide on my earthloom- and its been raining nearly everyday for two weeks. :( It's like England all over again!

  4. Have I seen a pic of your earth loom? Even the name sounds wonderful. I somehow picture you in Grecian garb, flowers in your hair, weaving away placidly.... No room for rain in my fantasy!! May it stop soon.


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