Saturday, 16 August 2014

More from Sark

I think that most artists have themes or motifs that we keep revisiting, re-exploring and possibly reinterpreting in our work. Mine is rocks. As I go back through my digital photo archive, old photograph wallets and sketchbooks, I find close- ups of rock faces, individual stones, things growing on stones et al. In my 'great garage sorting' exploits I found the cartoons for a short series of Stone Studies that I did in my first year at WD. The weavings have all found new homes, but it has made me want to redo some of them at different setts and scales. New rock faces on Sark are calling me to the same approach: simple square tapestries drawn from a section. An extension of this would be a set of sections from the same face; enough to suggest the whole.

I have to put these ideas into 'percolate' mode ( aka 'the back burner') whilst I complete the work for NOBA (Not Only But Also). September 22 is not far away. I have a luxurious three studio days in prospect, two work days and then two more studio. Jolly Dee and Jubilate!



  1. I have masses of photos of rocks especially from Lanzarote which has amazing lava rocks.
    I haven't been to Sark since I was about twelve but I still remember the wonderful scenery there.

  2. I loved it after a fourteen year gap. Lots of photos of Jura rocks in my stash too.


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